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When viewing Lion’s Head from the top of Table Mountain it  almost looks like  Mufasa (Lion King) from the back. Situated in between Signal Hill and Table Mountain, when it comes to hiking, this is probably the easiest  mountain to climb when compared to the other peaks in Cape Town. The last time I was up here was in 2016 and I took some great pictures. This blog’s cover photo was taken from last year’s hike.

April 2016, Lion’s Head

Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak and  Skeleton Gorge, all these peaks are much strenuous than Lion’s Head. But the view from up here is breathtaking. You have a gorgeous view of Camps Bay and Clifton beaches, the Green Point Stadium and Table Mountain, what more could one ask for?


Health benefits

I could go on and on about the health benefits of hiking and how good it is for my abs and my gluts, but you can see for yourself. However, I’m glad that my first exercise in 2017 started on such a high note. This year, I’m paying more attention to my body and health, and no more excuses!


I also I plan on hiking as much as I can, as this is not just about taking good pictures, and looking good, but the journey is worth it.


Reflection in action

Hiking also allows me  time for deep reflection and teaches me how to become resilient in any circumstances. It also serves as my own positive reinforcement and reminds me that I’m actually stronger than I think I am! It truly is a mind over matter thing. Once done, you feel like you can do whatever you put your mind to and no doubt you can.

My brother pulling off Usain Bolt’s pose! He nailed it!

Siblings time out


What made it extra special this year, was definitely hiking with my little brother, who enjoyed it just as much!

Jiva Sexy


You can expect to spend roughly 45 minutes hiking up on average, depending on your fitness levels and the traffic going up and down the peak. Going down is easier, so it really depends on your pace.

My favourite photo has to be this one



 One thing I learnt from this hike, was being unapologetic for breaking my own barriers and fears. I enjoy challenging myself, especially if I can foresee the rewards. While the hike is said to be easier, there were challenging times. Such as having to hold onto chains at one point  to get to the top, which always feels like death reaching this part. But hey, I made it and I definitely managed. So you can bet that you can too.

I bumped into an 8 year old little girl hiking with her granny and so you of good ages have no excuses really.


I would recommend hiking , especially Lion’s Head to anyone. My brother joined me this year and he had a blast! And I’m sure any of you who are thinking of challenging yourself a little this year, would definitely want to start off with a hike up Lion’s Head.

I love hiking and standing on top of my fears and the world, so if you are that person, then I’m sure we would get along just fine.

Be sure to make Lion’s Head part of your excursions at your next visit to Cape Town, or  if you are a local, put is as an exercise route for yourself.



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