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I’d like to confess that I am a huge fan of French fries, I just haven’t admitted it yet. I noticed that every time I’m out for a meal, I tend to opt for fries as a side dish if my main option doesn’t include it. Which is why I decided to go on a little adventure around the Mother City to explore the best fries in town. Simply because I tend to judge restaurants  by how well they make their fries– I mean who gets a  small fry wrong?

No matter how healthy of  a nut I try to be, but put me in a nice restaurant or one which I’ve never tried before with the added confusion of choosing a meal , I’ll always go for fries first. It’s the safest and most cost effective option on the  wallet, not so much on the hips though. So be sure to  put in some work come gym time. I have to caution people with  health related concerns, to remember to always eat  in moderation and follow the advice of your medical practitioners when approaching fries because they  are often high is saturated fats, calories and salt.

[Disclaimer] *Please note that the rankings on this blog post are solemnly based on the writer’s own subjective experiences  of the restaurants in question regarding fries and may not be representative of a restaurant’s overall menu or the  larger sample of restaurants in Cape Town. This list is also subject to change depending on the interests of the writer*

Drum roll please....


So according to the  10 best places to have fries in Cape Town are:

1.Woodies Burgers at V&A Waterfront

Woodies Fries

Woodies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sliding in the number one spot is Woodies! Which is a chilled buzzy eatery that specializes in   “The Best Damn Burgers” in town. It is situated at the V &A Waterfront’s Food Market and you can ask where the Food Market is if you get lost.

I was there today and I got fries  that almost filled up my bag and my cup was overflowing. I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Amazing right? I think they knew that the purpose of my trip there was to try fries and oh boy I overindulged. Their burgers are the best because they are  reasonably priced, they are also halaal and the add-ons are reasonably cheap as well. For example, a single burger without fries costs R39 and to add fries you only add R10 extra!  For any add-ons on your burger you pay R5.50 each, these include avocados, pepper-dews, mushroom sauce and so on.

How’s that for a good meal?! If you didn’t know about it , now you do and you better make plans to check this place out. You definitely won’t be disappointed.


2. Devil’s Peak

Devil’s Peak Fries

I’m not a big fan of beer, but Devil’s Peak beer is definitely worth the try. You can pay R50 to R65 to taste up to five or more of their craft beers.

Apart from Devil’s Peak being one of  the best craft beer breweries in the country, it also has a restaurant at the brewery, situated in Salt River . Their menu items goes well with the beer. I personally enjoy their burgers and their thin and crispy fries , which are top of  the range for me.

So next time you go beer tasting, do try the burgers, they come with fries!

3. Da Vinci’s on Kloof Street

Da Vinci’s Fries

Da Vincis On Kloof Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sliding into the number 3 spot is Da Vinci’s, a restaurant situated on trendy Kloof Street, in the heart of Cape Town’s culinary hub. It is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy delicious food in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Famous for their thin based pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven and for their impressive range of juicy burgers -which are my favourite!

I’ve probably been there so many times on dates, birthday celebrations and outings with friends and it never gets old. It’s probably one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town. Their fries are really good, in fact you have an option between potato wedges, potato fries and sweet potato fries – which are  all just as amazing.

Do pop in when you are around, you will love it!


4. Down South in Rondebosch

Down South Fries

Down South is a Food Bar in Rondebosch Cape Town. Probably a popular chill out bar for most UCT students given that it’s located just below middle campus and it is a 10 minute walking distance from lower campus. I usually come here if I’m lazy to cook, they have a great menu from their starters, sand witches, pizzas, quesadillas, burgers and ribs.

One thing I liked at my recent visit there, was seeing that they appreciate fries just as much as I do, by displaying them in the pictured coiled metal champagne ‘glass’. Impressive!  Their fries almost taste much like the Primi fries, but theirs tastes more like home made fries which makes them extra special. Be sure to have a mouth watering experience here next time you are in Rondies.

I would definitely recommend Down South to any student or tourist.


5. Primi Cafe at Cape Town International Airport

Primi Cafe Fries

PRIMI Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Closing off the top five is Primi Cafe, which I recently visited before my departure at the airport.The perks of being extra early for flights is that you get to relax and lounge.So luckily I had extra time to dine at Primi Cafe. Of course fries had to be an option. This was definitely the best fries I had in ages ( which I had before I tried the above mentioned ones). They had the right mix of crispy and “slappy-ness” (flaccidity) to their  taste and texture. Whether they were baked to perfection or fried , that did not matter. I also tried their pizza there which was absolutely delicious.

So do check out Primi  Cafe out at your next stop at the Airport.


6. WoolWorths Food

Woolworths (Woolies) Hand sticks

While it might be questionable whether these woolies handsticks qualify as fries or not, well try them and you will know what I’m talking about. These are by far better than many hand sticks that I’ve tried in the market. In a nutshell, they taste just as great as crispy fries with an added advantage of waking up fresher than you the next day. You can easily make them a snack for lunch at school, varsity or work.

Woolworths  never disappoints- perfect every time.


7. Sevruga V&A Waterfront

Sevruga Fries

Sevruga Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sevruga is located at the world renowned V&A Waterfront in Cape Town’s popular harbour. If you’re lucky you might just bump into A-list stars or famous people there. There’s an elegance to this restaurant with its New York style entrance, the polished marble and solid wooden floors, to the fabulous American walnut bar counter. I had the Line fish which was paired with a side of mashed potatoes , but I asked for the fries instead. Bad decision, because I later felt that the mash would have been a better combo with my meal because the fries were too average for my meal. So next time I visit an elegant restaurant such as this one, I will forget my fries and continue with the meal as is.

Do pop in for some elegant and sophisticated modern feel. It is also perfect for a first date!

You can expect to pay between R250-R350 per person.


8. The Potluck Club

The Potluck Club Chick Pea Fries

The Potluck Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Pot Luck Club  which  is situated in a chic, buzzy locale -the Old Biscuit Mill , with its fancy glass walls & views of Table Mountain, serves sophisticated tapas bursting with flavour. The flavours are divided into taste categories: sour, bitter, sweet, salty and umami with a sweet ending for desserts. It’s best to go in large groups, so I definitely went with a group of  6 people to claim the land back. *Jokes*

Of course I wasn’t going to leave without tasting the fries, and so I tried their chick pea fries. To be honest, these fries are always such an interesting experience for me, definitely nothing like the normal potato fries. Unless you are very pedantic about your health, then these are the best option for you. I had them with a dip  and that helped to enhance the taste. Either than that, I don’t think I can ever confidently order chick pea fries as a first preference, I’m too loyal to my starch family- potatoes.

But do check this place out, I never knew about it because it is literally on the roof of Old Biscuit Mill, but now I know and I will visit again soon.


9. Green Market Square

Baran’s Fries Green Market Square

Baran's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Baran is a Meidterranean restaurant  situated in the historic heart of Cape Town on Green Market Square. Barans Shisha Lounge  serves a sophisticated menu with delightful tastes. The fries for me were a bit too “slap” / flaccid even though they appeared crispy from the outside . They were also a bit smooth on the inside, more like frozen fries. Maybe next time I’ll have a different experience. I never got to try their food because of time, but I will definitely like to try their meals sometime.


10. McDonald’s

McDonald’s Fries”I’m lovin’ it”

Probably every student’s midnight snack and the reason why I love crispy fries so much. I’m sure these fries would win the People’s Choice Awards any day. My one problem is that they don’t wake up with me in the morning, meaning that you have to eat them while they are warm, not cold because they become very hard.

But as a customer I still stay loyal and I sometimes have weird cravings that only McDonald’s fries can fix. So they are a reliable and convenient option- always. That’s why “I’m lovin’ it” in my top 10.

That was my top ten places to try if you are looking for good fries in Cape Town or if you are keen for a different place to eat. I do know that my list is still not complete and as I’m writing this, I’ve already heard of Rocomamas  in Green Point which I’ve never tried before and I have a bit of FOMO :(.  Definitely  on my to-do list.

If you know of  restaurants that serve the best fries in Cape Town, please let me know. I would love to try them out and add them to this list!

That’s it for now, I hope this list has been helpful and that you will give the listed items a try at your next outing in Cape Town.

Until next time,

Take Care

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