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For most of us, aging is not just the passing of age, I’m sure this is a common concept in every culture. For us Basotho girls or women aging signifies strength, maturity , humility and family responsibility. Puberty therefore plays a remarkable indicator of maturity in girls, who at this point in time, are regarded as women with the potential of  child bearing.  By the time a girl reaches the age of 12 or 13 years old she should at least have mastered the basics of how to cook, wash the laundry, fetch water from the well, clean the house and still attend school and  attain good results. These are some of the lessons I’m glad I learnt early on from my culture. However, birthdays are not usually celebrated , unless they serve a ceremonial or a ritual purpose as mentioned above.

Having grown up in urban areas and cities, aging is so tough and birthdays are always such a mission filled with the pressures of what to do, what to buy  and where to go and celebrate. This year I’d like to take a step back and reflect before my next birthday in this letter I drafted, titled “A letter to my 24 year old self.” I hope it eases me well into my next big chapter in life. 

A letter to my 24 year old self.

  Dearest Mapitso👩🏽‍💻

On this exact day next month (21 March),  you will be a year older. A quarter to 100 years!💯

You are a tad bit ambivalent about this new chapter in your life so much that you’ve become a bit tearful just thinking about how close you are to being 25. Not, just that but the thought of growing up and owning up to the responsibilities that come with aging is kind of daunting.

 Memories of the past 24 years remain and you are blessed to have seen and witnessed your young soul develop and touch dreams so destined, yet so close to your reach. You’ve climbed the highest peaks and swam in the deepest oceans, and you remained unscathed through it all. Over and above you have had the opportunity of ticking off most items on your bucket list including getting your degree ,  getting your dream car , traveling to places you once imagined as a child, starting your own blog and achieving some of those big dreams you thought impossible, yet attainable.

At 24, you stopped becoming too flustered and anxious about ageing and started owning the fact that you are not getting any younger even though people  think you are still 12 years old. Thanks to your wonderful genes.

But,  remember that you may not crack given that you take good care of your body, drink less wine and more water and continue to find new and exciting ways of adding joy and happiness into your life.

 By now, you have your undergraduate degree and awaiting your second degree, a Masters in Law!  You have worked for four companies in a space of  6 months before working for your fifth, which ended up being one of your dream jobs. No you are not Bipolar, until proven otherwise, you just know what you want and refuse to settle for anything less than your best. But, you wonder if you even ever want to work for anyone at all. Such is the life of a 24 year old Millennial.   It’s fine, you will soon find something that will make sense to you and your dreams and run with it for gold. So you are really adulting  the controversial way, which makes you unique. Your  ability to remain tenacious and to persevere in every adversity will surely serve you well in future.

It is scary to think how quickly these past 23 years have gone for you, so here are a few tips for the next coming 24 years…


1. Relationships:  ” Can we not discuss this in public?”


Sure, while this area remains parked for a while, you have come to realize that the best relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Since turning 24, you let go of having to put so much effort in trying to fit in, be liked, be cool, being loved and focused more on giving these qualities to yourself instead. Now being alone in your own company, is one of the cheapest luxuries you’ve honed and are not prepared to let  go, any time soon! Claim thyself back.👩‍❤️‍👩


2. Keep family close


Your family will always be the people who will  be the first to carry you through your lows and see you through to your highs. So make the most of family time and invest in them. Every year you keep discovering new relatives from your mom and dad’s side and you should make time to connect with them. They are so cool!


3. Friendships


One or two close friends are enough, you really do not need an entourage. Destiny’s  Child ended up with 3 girls in a group and they became a more successful girl group in our history than Spice Girls…so do the maths. But reserve some room for  acquaintances because it is always good to hear different people’s stories and have good conversations and a drink with a good old friend. Be open to meet new people and make lasting friendships. But keep your circle small as far as possible.


4. Be your own best friend


 Shop alone, travel to a different country by yourself, take yourself out for a drink and a good meal. Learn to love yourself more. This is the only times you can fully understand the uniqueness of being you. Spend time reading books too, so far you like Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche and most girls do, maybe  start writing your own books like she did. Who knows, you might be a hit too.


5. Optimize opportunities


Life is about exploring and playing with the opportunities that you have while you still do. So never let a good opportunity pass you by. Make the most of every moment in your life to learn from it, whether this is good or bad.


6. Live a simple relaxed life


 Live a simpler , more authentic life and stop shying away or feeling insecure about yourself. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself, you don’t know all the answers and you don’t have to. It’s okay to just be your true self and be confident about the things that are meaningful to you.

7. Stay grounded


Keep in your lane, try not to worry about others too much, they will take care of themselves and you should remain focused on you. Or else, no one else will.

8. Work hard


 Yes,  you must work to maintain your life, but  never be a slave. Work when you have to  and play when you have the time to. Find a balance and most importantly,find something that makes you feel like you’re having fun everyday, so it doesn’t feel a lot like work.


9: Trust


Trust yourself because no-one else really does, until you prove them wrong. How tiring?  Things are unfolding as they should and you should learn to trust the process. Also be confident- you got this.


10. Shake of the negativity


Develop a thick skin and use adversities to learn valuable life skills. You will learn to pick yourself up quicker when you fall because depression is real and you don’t need that baggage now and never. You still have so many years ahead and so much life in you to spend it doing things you don’t like , people you don’t even like or even  worrying .


11. Never forget God and where you come from


This will always be a compass leading you to your destined life.

Just live.

From your loving selfie


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4 Replies to “A letter to my 24 year old self”

      1. Well not a thousand for you wabona, but for me. Firstly you extremely eloquent well engaging, *Kudos*. You being a lady, how do you convince yourself “the less friends, the better” in fact you limiting or rather depriving yourself of having “enough” not a lot of friends, and you feel quite strong about it. If I’m correct you said you a clinical psychologist, I had a perception that having that good laugh with childhood friends is rather therapeutic or am I the only one finding it so?

        1. Hi Lebo, thank you for the queries. I
          I’m actually an occupational therapist by profession. When it comes to the issue about friendship it all depends on personal preference, I don’t feel deprived at all for saying I need few friends. I also said 1 or 2 ‘close’ friends, meaning that I do have a lot of friends , but not all of them are close friends. I’ve reached a point where subliminal connections don’t phase me, I like connecting with people at a deeper level and if I can only do that with only two people, then I’m happy. I think the assumption that women need to be in large groups to feel whole is misleading and if anything I was alluding to fact that I’m also happy in my own company- friends are just a bonus at the end of the day. Childhood friends are good to have, if you are lucky to still have them.

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