Cape Point

Visit Table Mountain National Parks for free


My 2017 started  with a trip to Cape Point with my family. The last time I was here was in 2011 at the beginning of my first year of studies at the University of Cape Town. It was the first   Table Mountain National Park (TMNP)   natural site that I saw and learnt about.

South Western tip of Africa – The Cape of Good Hope

It was here at The Cape of Good Hope where my love for travel grew bigger and I developed an interest in seeing more of the world.  I was reminded of my favourite poem by Dr. Seuss  ” Oh the places you will go…” and ever since then, I never stopped dreaming and wondering what the world looks like in other countries and how the people are there.

While I continue to dream about my adventures in future, I want to tell you how you as a local or an international traveler can explore more of  Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) for cheap.

What is Table Mountain National Park?



Table Mountain National Park (previously known as Cape Peninsula National Park), is a unique Western Cape nature reserve which starts at Signal Hill  in the city and includes a blend of magnificent mountains, bays, Moonlit beaches, blooming vegetation, the famous Table Mountain and ends at the  the south western tip of Africa – The Cape of Good Hope. Together with many other nature reserves in South Africa, TMNP forms part of  the South African National Parks (SANParks).

Remember: Table Mountain is also one of the  New 7 Wonders of Nature,  which makes  Cape Town a rich tourist attraction.


My Green Card

My Green Card

I was introdcued to  My Green Card  by my colleague while I was planning my family’s itinerary for their trip to Cape Town. I am quite good at planning activities and events and I find so much joy doing this. I blame it on  being an Occupational Therapist 🕵🏾‍♀️.


What is a My Green Card?


My Green Card is available exclusively to South African residents of Cape Town and it costs R135. It provides the holder with 12 free entries into any of the Table Mountain National Park’s pay points: Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point); Boulders Penguin Colony,  Oudekraal , Silvermine, as well as to the braai and picnic areas at Tokai, Newlands and Perdekloof. It offers fantastic value.


Cheap Travel Tips

Here is how you save with this card:

  • You only pay R135 once when you register for the card ( bring your ID and a proof of residence showing that you live in the Cape Town)
  • You get 12 free entries for one year to any of the places I mentioned above
  • You can bring any person with you and all they need to bring is their ID/Passport with them and they will enter for free from your card
  • Each person counts as one entery. For example, I entered four people with my card, plus me that = 5 trips being taken off my card

You  will notice from the the picture of my own My Green card above , that I only have 6 entries left  to use. Any opportunity to travel and save is always a good idea. I will tell more of my friends about it so we can all save.

Cheap Travel Tip: If you are a student living in Cape Town, you can always use your student residence address as proof if it is on  your bank statement or your student fee account. If you are an international visitor and you have friends living in Cape Town, tell them to get this card so you can travel for free :). If I didn’t have the card when I visited Cape Point we would have paid R135 each just to enter. Big save right? So I still have a few entries left and I look forward to seeing these amazing nature reserves and explore more.

In another post I will share more on my free Cable Car  tirp to Table Mountain . I told you how I like freebies and I will share my tips to help you travel cheaper and still  have a luxurious experience.

Until next time,  continue to explore and travel more.


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