Get a free Aerial Cableway ride to Table Mountain on your birthday

Get a free Aerial Cableway ride to Table Mountain  on your birthday

  Me on my 24th birthday last year after I collected my free return ticket

In my previous post I mentioned that I would tell you how I got a free ride on the Cableway to Table Mountain and I will share this  information with you in this post.

Being a student has its perks and if there’s anything I’ve taken from studying in Cape Town it would definitely be making the most out of freebies (lol).  Anything with the prefix ‘free’ next to it needs no justification. Let’s face it, traveling is fun, but it’s expensive when you have to consider transport, entry fees and food. Which is why I’m always on the look out for opportunities where I can cut costs. 

I was informed about the Cableway special by friends of mine from campus.  This special is only available on your birthday and you have to make your way to the Table Mountain Cableway ticket counter  to collect your free ticket.


Cableway Birthday Special

Table Mountain Aerial Cable Way

Last year I took advantage of the  Cable Way Birthday Special to Table Mountain on my birthday. The Cableway team gives this special to one adult (a person over 18 years old) on their birthday. The special gives you an opportunity to spend your special day on top of one of the New 7 Wonders Of Nature-Table Mountain on your birthday.

Here’s the deal, there are probably three ways to get to the top of Table Mountain:

1) By hiking up the trail ( I hiked on my first time to this mountain, it was tough, but worth it)

2) Taking the Cableway ( which I went on for free on my birthday)

3) Helicopter rides if you are rich or sick, or lost and a search party comes looking for you.

Okay maybe the last one isn’t very common, so I won’t dwell on it in much detail.  We can focus on the Cableway as this is my topic.

I read online that if you are a Cableway card holder and you  decide to be fit one day and hike up expecting to take the Cableway back down; but for some reason you get  to the summit and you find that the Cableway is closed for some reasons then sorry bud, you have to walk back down (LOL). Shame no mercy, just be aware people.  It’s very unpredictable and I do hope that helicopters will be the next best ride up man!


How can you get a free return trip ?


The Cableway gives one free return ticket to South African adults, who are over the age of 18. You have to have your valid South African ID  with you on the day of your birthday to claim your free trip ( please call the office and double check if international citizens also qualify). You can only get the ticket printed on your birthday and  it’s only valid for that day. But as the weather in Cape Town is never stable,  sometimes the Cableway is closed  due to weather conditions and when this happens your ticket remains valid for an extra 7 days. Cool right?

There are other specials  of course which includes:


1) A 20% discount on your ticket purchases only for My Green Card ( see my previous post) or a SANParks card  holders.

2) If you are a student and hold a valid student card, you can pay R130 on a return trip. This special is only valid on Fridays because we worked during the week right? So tell your friends.

3)  You can also make use of the  Sun Set Special and experience  summer’s longer days and balmy evenings on top of Table Mountain , by taking a cable car to the summit.  Bring your camera to capture that #sunsetspecial moment!

This special was valid from  1 November to 18 December 2016, and from 4 January until 28 February 2017 and the return tickets were half price after 6pm. So now we know and we can start making plans for next summer.

4) You could become a Cable Card owner which gives you one year of entry to Table Mountain  and  you save a lot as opposed to paying for every trip when you go. Think about it.

Now who can ever get tired of seeing views like these any time of the year? Surely not me, or else I wouldn’t have come back for my postgraduate studies here (lol).

This picture was taken fron Table Mountain – The New 7 wonders of nature

My experience ( 21 March 2016)


So on my birthday last year I decided to finally make use of this special and dedicate half of my day to get a free Cableway experience. I took an Uber  to collect my free ticket on my birthday, I was so excited (😃).  But I didn’t get to go on my free ride on my actual birthday because the Cableway was closed due to the weather (rolls eyes 🙄). I was so bumbed because it was sunny outside, but the wind had it’s own plans and messed things up for me. The ticket sales officers then told me that I could come back  again any other day and extended my ticket for another seven days. the Uber driver was kind enough to wait for me and take pictures of me and I had a lovely giant milkshake at Royal Eatery.  It turned out to be one awesome peaceful birthday. 

Table Mountain
24th Birthday

Me posing and being happy on my birthday

Did I ever go back to claim my free ride? Yes I did. I went with my best friend since she was in Cape Town for the Two Oceans Marathon. But the day we went it was rather busy because   there were so many tourists that weekend. The line was so long , we probably stood in the Que for 2 hours. I had a ticket and my friend didn’t, which meant that she had to wait an extra 1 hour in the line to go buy her ticket. The sad part was that she had to catch her flight the same day and because of the heavy traffic up and down the Cableway, it was going to take us another 2 hours to get back. So she had to leave 😔 , that was so sad.  But  going up  on my own was not too bad and it was worth it. Anything that’s free is always worth it (lol).

Cheap travel tips: I would recommend that if you plan on taking the Cableway,  book your tickets online  beforehand, it will save you time, especially during peak seasons. Click here for more info

It was on that day that I discovered that Table Mountain was part of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. I felt proud to be an African , South African and to live in Cape Town. I also felt blessed to be able to tick off 1 out of  7  of the wonders of nature off my bucket list. I realized then that South Africa had a lot more going for itself than we actually realize it. We live beneath such great wonders of nature, but rarely take time to acknowledge it. Our country is beautiful, filled with many cultures and great natural sites. Let us make the most of what God has blessed us with, to bloom where we are planted and to Carpe Diem (seize every moment).

New 7 wonders of Nature Table Mountain
New 7 wonders of nature – Table Mountain , breath taking.

Were these tips helpful? Leave your comments or questions below. I also want to know if you have been to Table Mountain before and how your experience was. 

All I have to say is that you have to make use of opportunities to save on your trips and ask the locals questions (but be careful who you ask)  and do your research so that you don’t deflate your wallet too much.

That’s all from me. Until next time, continue to explore and be adventurous Travelistas.


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