First Thursdays in Cape Town


What do you do on the first Thursday of the month?

Art Galleries – Me feeling like Picaso

Instead of it being a thirsty one, Capetonions (and Jo’burgers) honour each first Thursday of the month with open galleries in the city for people to view. This is an opportunity for every person to come and see some of the great artists’ work on display -free of charge, until you decide to buy the art work. This was my first time attending and it was definitely worth it. The event gives you the opportunity to explore the Art galleries and cultural events around Cape Town’s city central  until 9pm or later on the first Thursday of every month.  I will not be attending this month (today), but I will make a plan for the month of May.

I saw this event on the  First Thursday Facebook page where they usually showcase the galleries and what you can expect to see, so that you can plan your trip better before the day. There is no tour, schedule, or guided walk; that is up to you. You basically have to choose which galleries to visit and the amount of time you would like to spend there . I started my tour at  Gallery Momo . Upon arrival you get a free glass of complimentary wine to ease you into the magic that you are about to see.

I think my grandmother and my mom used to own a bed side mirror like the one on the image below back in the day. I bet you also have seen this somewhere in your household a few decades or years back.  I love these classic pieces, I actually have a modernised version of this mirror in my room back at home (no FOMO).

First Thursday

What do you do when you are tired of all your wigs and all the weaves? You turn it into art.

Hair on the wall
All I was wondering while looking at these displays was, who’s hair is this? Maybe it’s Becky’s good hair… we have to ask Beyonce’ about this.
First Thursdays Cape Town
Hair so flawless it flows off the table
Maybe this is what I will do with my dreadlocks once I am tired of them…. (talking to my baby dreadlocks)
First Thursdays Cape Town

The take home message  after seeing the creative things that people can do with hair, was that – don’t shave it off, don’t block toilets with it, don’t  waste it, make art out of your hair. I wondered if the artists were by any chance inspired by Solange Knowles’s “Don’t touch my hair ” track , we never know….again the Knowles sisters might have the answers.

First Thursdays Cape Town
Sculptures, and Statues
The Image below reminded  me of the rural areas of Lesotho. Where the big plastic bottles used to create the scultpure below,  are actually used by women and children in Lesotho  to fetch water from the well. This was definitely my favourite piece in Gallery Momo because it reminded of my childhood days in Lesotho.
First Thursdays Cape Town
Sotho Girl vs Golliath , facing giants
I don’t know much about art, but I know that art is everything around us and if you can imagine it and create it, then you are basically an artist.  I learnt that people are genuinely creative and sometimes when we fall out of words, imagery becomes our most potent instrument of self expression. Art is subjective. We all have a story to tell, just as much as the artists behind these art-forms. Find your unique story.
First Thursdays March 2017
First Thursdays

There were so many lovely art displays around the city center. Some were more crowded than the others, I enjoyed the quiet less crowded ones as they gave me more space for reflection. If you are planning on going to First Thursday in next coming months I would recommend that you start at Gallery Momo first and get there at 7pm while it is still peaceful and to get your complimentary wine before heading down to the busy galleries along the Green Market Square.

Until next time, take care


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