From being flown down to Joburg for a photo shoot, being spoiled with a whopping shopping spree and gathering at a conference full of women creatives across different industries and walks of life AND getting my company identity professionally designed – this is what I gained from winning the #SebenzaGirl competition. An experience of a lifetime.

What Sebenzagirl is all about 


“Sebenza” is a Zulu word for “work”. Foschini saw a niche in the creative space and noticed that the culture of work in South Africa was changing. More and more women who worked 9-5 jobs had passion projects that they were starting aside with the hope of turning them into their main gigs one day. The Foschini Group launched the Sebenzagirl Competition to give women a head start by providing them with new Company Identities as a start. Like the big brands Nike, Adidas, Chanel have their own unique branding, even smaller brands need this from the onset.

Five women were selected across the country who would have this unique opportunity of having their CIs professionally designed.

 Sebenzagirl Show Us Your Hustle Journey – How it began 

Shweshwekini Street PhotoShoot by Marx Written Makhado

Last year in October I entered the Foschini #Sebenza Girl – #Showusyourhustle competition. It had been five months since launching ShweShweKini and I felt that the brand needed a bit more exposure. I wrote a letter to Foschini on this post post  ~> Foschini Sebenzagirl Show Us Your Hustle motivating why I should win the competition. Which I eventually did.

In the letter, I told them why I wanted to win the #Sebenzagirl competition so badly. I didn’t know then what I was actually competing for or against, I just wanted to introduce my product to the Foschini brand with the hope of future collaborations. I also hoped  that at least one person  would read my letter  and see my product. So I kept on posting on my social media hoping that one of the judges could get a chance to read my story and recognize my hustle.

I shared my story  everywhere on my social media pages and luckily they were very responsive and reassured me that they liked my story – hinting that they had read it. I felt a sigh of relief, but I knew I had to continue campaigning because I knew very well then that I had to remain relevant and prove to them that my product – Shweshwekini Active Wear had something unique to offer. I was not aware of who I was competing against because I can’t control what the opponents were doing, I just focused on my goal and that helped to ease my anxiety levels.

When the winners were announced in November 2017, I  knew that I had made it because of the story of my brand.  I also believed in myself first hand, which created a good impression.


So what did I win?


The total winner’s package included:

1 ) A corporate identity package –  the Foschini group partnered with Curious and Creative (CC) to create a new company identity (CI) for ShweShweKini.  I am so inlove with. This new logo is inspired by the #Shweshwe patterns and  is exactly what ShweShweKini is all about.

Images above : The new Shweshwekini Active Wear CI designed by Curious and Creative.

The team did an absolutely incredible job and I am thankful to have taken the courage to enter this competition.

2) Myself and the other four winners had a shopping spree in Joburg for our photoshoot a week after the announcement. Each one of us received a shopping voucher worth R4000 to shop till we dropped! The Foschini group paid for my flights to Joburg and back to Cape Town for  the day. My travel bug self was a bit excited about this.

Foschini Sebenzagirl Girl
What my shoping bag contained for the shoot
Foschini Sebenza Girl
Foschini Sebenzagirl Winner’s Photoshoot

3) The third prize included an opportunity to attend the Foschini All Women Creators Event in Joburg where we networked with many talented creative women in our country. This was another trip that included about 40 other girls who had entered the competition. Letshego Zulu was our keynote speaker and she was absolutely incredible. I also met former Miss South Africa  Liesel Laurie and so many other celebrities on the day.

Foschini Sebenzagirl
Foschini All Women Creatives Event. They made a whole Poster on me !

It has been one amazing journey being part of the Foschini Group team and getting to know each of the role players in this huge retailer and trend setter in our country. I look forward to many more collaborations with the team and also learning from them.


Thank you Foschini!


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