Neigbourgoods Christmas Night Market

I finally get a chance to spend Christmas in Cape Town, for the first time this year. The best part is getting the most out of the festive season, with the luxury to choose where to go and what to do! On 16 December, I decided to go to the Neighbourgoods  Christmas Night Market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock and be part of the holiday festivities. The entry was FREE and oh I love me some freebies! This has become a sought-after destination to top-up your Christmas Shopping.

I was so inspired by all the stalls and the creativity that one can find at such markets. Really, Captonians are true creativists. From the market for home-grown produce, handcrafted goods and delicious dishes from the specialty street food vendors. It surely was a treat!

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All photos were taken by : Mapitso Thaisi- with permission from the owners of these produce.

I loved the creative designs, smart start-up ventures and of course the FOOD. As an Africanah, I spent most of my time at the stalls that had unique prints and those that embraced more of the indigenous products as you will see from the pictures. I definitely enjoyed being there , walking around with my camera and being asked if I was a blogger. I must say it felt pretty cool to claim that title and  I must have said YES a thousand times!

I’m so glad that I got myself to experience this occasion. I had the most fun at this Xmas Market and I hope this inspires you to try it out next  year!



Author: Mapitso

I am a storyteller and an experiential learner. Join me as I discover my world one place at a time, by ticking it off my diary. I'd like to hear from you, email me at

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