BoKaap, what a colorful world

Visit Bo-Kaap




Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill, is the former township  called Bo-Kaap. Which showcases the Muslim culture and heritage. It is worth the visit , especially  the sight of colourful houses and the steep cobble streets, that make you feel like you are in a rainbow paradise. I was just there for the photos, but if you want to learn more about the history of this area, it is best to visit the Bo-Kaap Museum, Google, or the District Six Museum.

No wonder travelers love making quick stops here. The people are friendly, and you may take as many pictures as you like. I would suggest you visit the area when it’s sunny, in order to get the most of the visit and the colourful houses.


Being here made me feel like I was cruising somewhere in Cuba, the colourful old school cars and motor bikes, definitely gave me a Cuban vibe.



Outfit details:

Dress : Mr Price

White Sandles: Fashion Express

Head Scarf: Riverside Mall

Shades: Fashion Express

Ear Rings: Lovisa

 It is truly amazing how much beauty can become of an area with a past built on laws of segregation and displacement of many people of colour during the slave trade era. I left feeling a bit inspired to be creative and to make my life as colourful as I can. Joy and happiness are always around us, you just need to find it. Your past is just a reflection, and your present matters more.

Me and my best friend being brave and creative with our poses.


I hope this post adds a  bit colour to your day and that you may add Bo-Kaap on your itinerary list at your next visit or outing in Cape Town.

Until next time, take care.



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