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Hey Travelistas!

Have you ever booked a spontaneous  trip to a different city? That was me this past weekend, thanks to a massive sale by  Fly SAfair. It was a friend’s birthday weekend  in Johannesburg and I had to use this opportunity to escape Cape Town for a bit. Before this trip, I had never used to make a booking.  I would always book directly through my desired airline. What is cool about cheapflights is that it automatically draws the cheapest airlines for your destination at the top of the list and saves you the effort of comparing them yourself. Cool right?

So here are my tips on how to master a spontaneous trip to Johannesburg in two days …


While you might be caught up in the heat of a moment, it is wise to budget the exact amount of money you plan on spending. I usually take one card and put the money which I don’t plan on using in another account, so that way I know it’s off limits. It keeps me disciplined in my spending and helps me to refrain from spending unnecessarily.



Before packing, check the weather forecast and ask the locals how the weather is,  to get a sense of what you need to pack. It was a rainy weekend, so I knew packing a bikini was off limits.

Usually I pack heaps of clothes, even for a weekend getaway and the old excuse goes “you can never have enough clothes”… But I’m no longer that girl.  I learnt how to pack light for a change, a rare skill for me to be exact! Taking one bag when travelling was a miracle and it made checking in and carrying my luggage so much easier.

sothogirldiaries in Johannesburg
Enjoying the Light at the Neighbourgoods Market in Johannesburg

So this is how the weekend looked like in not so many pictures..



  Flights are always so stressful for me. But luckily I had booked an evening flight, to give me time to go to work and still have some time to pack afterwards. I also enjoyed leaving earlier to the airport to avoid the Friday afternoon traffic. I would suggest that you leave at least 2 hours before your flights , to have time to chill at lounge area , have some food before you leave and relax. Being late adds extra stress to your travels, which is so unnecessary.

We had planned to go to a holiday resort in Hartebeespoort (Hartees) – a small resort town situated outside Johannesburg in the North West Province. But our Airbnb booking got cancelled and we had to make alternative plans. So stressful. But that’s the joy of travelling , you are never ready for the unexpected, but when they do come, just embrace them and go onto the next plan.



sothogirladiaries fashion
sothogildiaries loves Jo’burg

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Neighbourgoods Market. One thing I’ve come to like about Cape Town and Jo’burg is these cute markets, which always  promise  a chilled groovy vibe. You can always expect nice cuisines, good music, good people, good food and lovely designs. Joburg is so alive, I enjoyed bumping into familiar faces from varsity (UCT) which made it feel even more familiar.

Check out some original designs that I spotted at the market , I was so in love!

The rest of my Saturday afternoon and evening was filled with visiting the different hang out spots in the city and hanging out with the locals. Jo’burg is absolutely amazing and I like how everyone is so free and driven. Not to mention friendly and jolly, I enjoyed that about most of the people I met that weekend. I felt at home because there was also a lot of Sotho speaking people whom I could mingle with and speak  my own mother tongue with for a change.

All My Girls Are Independent



Now the other thing I learnt was that , if you plan on booking a weekend away trip, late afternoon or evening flights are the best. As this lengthens your stay a bit and gives you time to explore more of the place before departure.

Finally before catching my flight back to Cape Town, I spent the afternoon at the Four Ways Farmer’s Market on Sunday. Which is almost like the Saturday Market, but this was different because it was right in the outdoors and there was more room to move around and different spots to sit. Whereas the Saturday Market is in a smaller  closed space and you often have to be on the look for an empty seat, which was always stressful and tiring.

I also loved the chilled music and seeing people (of all races) hanging out with their kids at the market, which is so rare. They made parenting look so flawless, props to you Jo’burg!

Mademoiselle Sothogirldiaries
Mademoiselle Sothogirldiaries

My favorite experience was definitely trying out the Bubble Tea, my goodness the best thing ever! It was a cool explosion in my mouth, which my body welcomed so graciously. It was so refreshing in the heat of Sunday and not too sweet either. Here’s how it went  :

And that was the drink of the day!



While I was looking for the best place to take “the” photo of my trip, I spotted an Eifel Tower! I was so happy, it made Paris feel so close by. A little reminder that Paris is definitely not far from my reach and probably will be my next stop in the not so distant future.

So Travelistas, that’s how you explore Johannesburg in two days. I may not have been to ALL the places, but I definitely went where my heart was happy.  I had so much fun and have developed an interest in Johannesburg and I’m planning on being a regular visitor.

Jo’burg , sothogirldiaries loves you!

Until next time,

Take Care


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