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Career Girl Diaries
My passion in life is help people find inspiration and reach their potential. I am excited to start a new platform on my blog where I will feature different people who are in careers that allow them to explore different environments locally and internationally. What I have seen is that people younger and older than me, with or without degrees are keen travelers and are interested in careers that allow them the opportunity to travel or be in a space that resonates with their ‘calling’ in life. But sometimes information alone does not yield into where we want to be and this is where networking becomes a crucial aspect in career search. As an occupational therapist, my role is to :
  • Match people’s physical and mental abilities to the right job and we call this job matching
  • We do this through various assessments particularly for people who have a physical or mental injury that leaves them incapable of performing their own jobs or find work due to a biological or structural impairment (in society)
  • We also work with people who may not have any disabilities and we enable them to reach their potential through partnering with them to get them closer to the job they want or their goals (such as NGOs or civil work)
  • We also  help young children at  school  by working on certain physical and mental problems in therapy to improve their ability to learn and grow
  • And to be creative while doing my job!
You can read more about my career  on SA Varsity Student where I was interviewed  a few months back. I hope this section will get  you  a step closer to  your passion and inspire you to learn about other careers and find your niche. I know that this is definitely something that excites me and I hope to inspire you long your journey.

I want to hear your suggestions and what your passion in life is, leave a comment below and inspire someone today 🙂


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