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Qatar Cabin Crew

I had an opportunity to interview the vibrant Siethati Letsipa one of my home girls and school mates from Welkom who’s passport is probably almost full due to her occupation as a Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways.
Qatar Cabin Crew
Seithati, Cabin Crew Member

1) What is your current area of work?


I am a cabin crew (flight attendant) at Qatar Airways. This is Qatar’s international airline. My role as a cabin crew member is to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers throughout the flight providing excellent customer service. I am trained to deal with security and emergency situations which may rise and I am also trained to administer first aid to passengers.


2) How long have you been in this field?


I have been in aviation since 2013, after completing my training at EPT aviation training in Kempton Park. I only left for Doha in October 2014.


3) What do you enjoy most about your job?


The work istelf, being on the flight and being assigned different roles  and working in a team to ensure that we get our passengers to their destination safe and happy. I enjoy encountering problems and being able to solve them at 40 000 feet above sea level. I also enjoy meeting other people and seeing the different places we go to and learning about them  and taking pictures of course (lol)!

Cabin Crew Team

4) What are the requirements for someone who wants to be in this field ( age, education, special skills etc.)?

  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of joining the crew
  • Have an arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tip-toes
  • High school graduate (Grade 12 / matric)
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)
  • No visible tattoos while in the Cabin Crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings are not permitted)
  • Physically fit to meet the cabin crew requirements
  • A degree or postgraduate qualification is not required for entry into work as a cabin crew member. Most airlines do require a good secondary education and others require a level 4 or above in English and Maths
Studying a degree in one of the the following subjects may be useful:
  1. Hospitality management
  2. Languages
  3. Leisure and tourism management
  4. Travel

5) How many countries have you travelled to?


Qatar Airways flies to over 151 destinations and I have been to almost everyone of them. My favourite destinations so far is Houston Texas and Manchestar in the United Kingdom.

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                                                                      **The End**

Would you consider a career as a Cabin Crew member and travel the world? I would love to hear your views. Maybe we might feature you on the blog soon.

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0 Replies to “MotivationMonday : Meet Seithati Letsipa- Cabin Crew Member”

  1. Wow what an inspiring interview with ms Seithati. Career in aviation is something I have never considered because it has always been far from me and one day I would like to be interviewed by you when my business hit the pick so that I can inspire youth to also start their own businesses instead of waiting for government to provide everything…

    1. Hi Tsepo, I’m glad you found this inspiring and that is why I want to bring unique people in unique careers to broaden our imagination. Send me an email about what you do so I can plan an interview with you. Thanks again for reading :).

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