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Meet Seabelo Senatla 

Seabelo Senatla
Class Photo 2017
I had the opportunity to interview the legendary Seabelo Senatla, the title holder of the World Rugby Sevens Player of 2016 ( there’s more awards in his bag that one could write about ). His nick name is “Speedster” and you have to watch him run with that magic rugby ball to understand his thunder. Watching him play is always a joy and he has the power to make anyone bounce on their seats when  he captures the ball and scores.
Seabelo Senatla World Rugby Player of The Year
The Senatla
His last name “Senatla” is a Sotho word that means “Champion” / “Warrior” – or someone with great strength. His first name Seabelo means a gift or sacrifice in either Sesotho or Setswana. Simply put it, Seabelo lives up to his name as a gift to rugby game and has claimed his title as a world champion. I always make such a big wave on social media about him, for three reasons:
  • One  because he’s my friend and more like family
  • Two,  because in primary school we used to sit alphabetically  according to our surnames and we somehow sat next to each other- me being the smart one of course and he’d always ask me to write his name for him because my hand writing was neat. He later started writing like me, which is fine … I inspired a legend in my lifetime ( this is what Occupational Therapists do- we also teach kids how to write properly lol).
  • Three because we are from the same town – Welkom and have known each other throughout our school career and I have seen him work hard to get to where he is today. He is definitely my Monday Crush Motivation this week …every week!
This is how our interview went:  

1) What is your current area of work?

  I’m a professional athlete  

2) How long have you been in this field?

  I have been a professional for about five years  

3) What do you enjoy most about your job?

  Almost everything about it.
  • The fact that I don’t have to sit behind a desk , but rather have the pleasure to be outside , enjoying throwing a ball around with mates.
  • The fact that staying in shape doesn’t have to be an extra mural activity, but rather it is inclusive in what I do.
  • The fact that I get to mix and interact with different types of people with different cultures all over the world.
  • Obviously the most talked about aspect when interacting with people outside of sports – the intensive traveling.

4) What are the requirements for someone who wants to be in this field ( age, education, special skills etc.) ?

Seabelo Senat
Seabelo Senatla
Rugby can be played by people of ages, body types or frames. It is a game for everybody. Every position is different, so if you fit the requirements of that position then you are good to go. I am a winger. So I reckon for that you need a bit of pace, skill ( hands, evasion, vision, kicking), endurance, work rate, good high ball catching, solid defense and game sense ( this could separate you from the rest).  

5) Do you need to have a college degree or qualification to be in your profession?

  No you don’t need any educational background.  

6) How many countries have you travelled to?

  I do not know the exact number. I have literally stopped counting. I’ve been around. England, Columbia, France, Scotland, United States of America, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand.  

7) Which country was your favourite?

  I honestly don’t have a favourite one. Every country has something unique that I love about it. The difference in them is where the beauty lies.  

8) Where is your next travel destination?

Seabelo Senatla
The Champion
Next travel destination is Durban, I have a game there during the weekend. Well folks you heard the Speedster, anyone can be like him, all you need is the right position, the hand skills,  fitness  and the right amount of dedication to work that field. Not all of us have the privilege to be outside and not be behind the desks – but I think I’m fine sitting on the hot seat watching him do his magic.  I bet there are youngsters  out there who would love to play like Seabelo one day. Then like Seabelo says, just have fun with it! Are you a fan of Seabelo? Comment below and he might just reply ;). Keep up with Seabelo on Social Media: Twitter: @Seabelo_Senatla Instagram: @Seabelo_Senatla Until next time. Take care travelblog sothogirldiaries

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