Fashion Diaries

My Fashion Diaries

My favourite author at the moment – Sofia Amoruso of Girl Boss, says ” You should get dressed for your life. I don’t care if the only place you have to go to is the post office: Get dressed, #GIRLBOSS , and let your freak flag fly”.

This is however not always my case, the thing is with travelling and packing my “freak flag outfits” is so tricky. In an effort to look my best on my trips, my gut feeling always tells me to “Pack light” ! But I hardly ever, or closely come to packing light. Instead I end up packing so much and end up not having enough room for any souvenirs. I learnt this lesson on my first international trip to Thailand back in 2015. I was so excited and I went on  Pinterest to surf all the outfits that I could wear, from swimsuits, beach wear, night outfits to shoes, jewellery etc. I got to Thailand and found insanely cheap clothing, bags and so many other things that I could afford to buy and bring back home with me, but my bag was already full.

Fashion Diaries
Phuket, Thailand

Anyways, I have learnt my lesson since then, even though it’s hard, I try to pack a little light here and there. The problem is that I never want to regret not bringing an outfit, but with good planning and practice it can almost work out. I have so many memories from my trip to Thailand that I want to share, but first I want to share a new additional category to sothogirldiaries which is my fashion diaries.

Fashion Diaries

Fashion Diaries
Phuket Fashion Diaries

Contrary to what most people think, I don’t enjoy shopping for new clothes, I always find it being an unnecessary expense , especially when it comes to my indecisiveness – we do not mix. However, if I have to shop for new clothes, I do a bit of research  and plan which outfits I want to buy and budget for it. I also love being creative, so I’d rather spend a fortune making a custom-made outfit that no-one else has, than buying something that everyone has accessibly. I also love wearing my mom’s vintage clothes and playing dress up in them (and of course taking pictures). I blame my mother for my obsession with custom made clothing and dressing up. She is so obsessed with looking her best and will always say  “Nana this outfit will look so good on me” or “I’m going to show them at that wedding and at church” when we go shopping… and I’ll just be there admiring her. I even had a custom made Dashiki for my Thailand trip too.

So in this new category I will share what I currently have in my wardrobe and some of my favourite custom-made outfits  from traditional African prints to my new swimsuit range ShweShwekini (more about this later) and my fashion inspiration. I will cover it all! So watch this space.

Now lets continue the Thailand story with my favourite out fit from my trip there

So on the morning of my trip to Phi Phi islands, I had this idea to have a photoshoot to mimic a model’s outfit which I saw on Pinterest:

Fashion Diaries
Pinterest model in an over sized shirt

I had been idealizing this outfit for months! Until I got to Legit one day and saw an over sized white shirt and  heels that were almost similar to the one the girl in the Pinterest picture is wearing and I thought “perfect, now I can be that girl on Pinterest” , even better I can let my Sotho Girl “freak flag” fly high in this outfit. In a nutshell, I like going on Pinterest and searching for ANYTHING from hair, make-up, designer dresses , prints etc. before deciding to go buy or try them out, it saves me a lot of stress and time. So Pinterest is my biggest inspiration!

Fashion Diaries
Copied Look

So this is how I spun  this look around to meet my own fashion diary version of it in the streets of Phuket.


sotho girl diaries
Fashion Diaries 1
Phuket Thailand
Fashion Diaries 2
Phuket Thailand
Fashion Diaries 3

Outfit details:

Shoes : Legit

Over-sized Shirt  : Legit

Stripped bag: Legit

Flower Crown: Foschini

Do you think that I pulled the look off? Or who wore it better? I’m ready for your comments.



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