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The Foresters Arms (Forries)


The Foresters Arms (Forries) is a pub and restaurant in Newlands Cape Town that  offers the ultimate , authentic pub experience. Entering this restaurant feels a lot like those scenes in the movies that takes place in a “Texan” pub  in the middle of nowhere.

 Its history dates as far back to May 1852. The restaurant was originally established as an inn for travellers (hey!), being midway between Cape Town and Simonstown. It was often used as an overnight stop for those travelling by horse and cart. Foresters Arms was situated at the bottom of Newlands Forest, hence the name. Over the years the forest receded and in the early 1940’s residential properties were built on the surrounding perimeter of Foresters Arms. Forries (it’s nickname) has evolved into a well known and much loved institution with a following of up to four generations of families who frequent it (The History of Foresters Arms, can be read on the first page of their menu).

My experience

Cosy places to Dine in Cape Town
Cosy Places to Dine in Cape Town

Last week Tuesday  I just wanted to get a good pizza after work, snuggle in bed and sleep and I immediately thought of Forries since I last came here for a class dinner last year  (2016) and I thought that it would be the perfect place to solve all my cravings. Little did I know, I would be right! It was  a very chilly and rainy evening in Cape Town and luckily they had a comfortable indoor restaurant with a warm glow of a fireplace which is surrounded by the charm of wood, leather, history and good music!

The menu

Their menu offers a wide selection of items, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and warm or cold beverages- all  perfectly made to tantalize your taste buds for any occasion. It also includes cuisines that are specially recommended by the chef.


Their pizza is wood-fired and offers a selected range from the commonly known Margarita to more exotic combinations  such as the smoked salmon and creme fariche.

When I saw their pizza and beer combo special at the entrance, I already knew that I was at the right place. Not for the beer though, but the pizza. I ended up spending my evening there alone, but with the most amazing waiters who kept me company despite their busy shift.

My perfect dinner with a view of a fire place

For someone who was dinning alone, I had the best seat next to the fire place. I can’t explain how perfect the setting was, I found myself lost in the moment as I enjoyed the warm embrace of the fire place, the music, the food and the buzz of people having an amazing time.

Main meal

I ordered the Louisiana pizza with cajun chicken, mushrooms, garlic, pepperdews and topped with fresh coriander.
Forries Food

The pizza base has a soft and thin crust , baked to perfection. The cajun chicken was well prepared and had a succulent juicy taste. Together with the other toppings, this was by far the best pizza I had, and it was worth the drive out of my comfortable student buzz life.

The dessert

Cosy places to eat in Cape Town
Chocolate Nemesis Dessert

I love having variety , so for the dessert I decided to try the Chef’s recommended one, which was the Chocolate Nemesis. This comes with a belgian dark chocolate and espresso fondant, vanilla pod ice cream and a selection of chocolate truffles. I’m drooling as I imagine how delicious and mouth watering this dessert was.

I had to take these pictures fast before the ice cream and the espresso fondant thought of melting in front of that fire.

Cosy places to dine in Cape Town
Chocolate Nemesis Dessert

I got a sugar rush halfway and I was so committed to eat all of my dessert, but I couldn’t finish it. The saddest story ever! But I ate so much and in the end , I was satisfied with my meal.

I really didn’t want to leave because I was having so much fun and I felt at peace, calm and relaxed by this full on experience.
Cosy places to eat in Cape Town
Forries Cocktails
I only learnt that they also had signature cocktails on my way out, which I will definitely try out at my next visit there and blog about.
Best Cocktails in Cape Town
Forries Cocktails

Day 2

Cosy places to eat in Cape Town
Forries Fries
I came back the next day, with an excuse that I wanted to try our their fries and vegetables, meanwhile I was just there for the company of the new friends I had made, the atmosphere and their warm fireplace. I tried the sweet potato fries, their stir fried vegetables and their wine. My two friends reserved my spot from the previous day and I still enjoyed the company of the warm fire in front of me. I will definitely add their fries to my post on the Best Fries in Cape Town .
Cosy Places to dine in Cape Town
Vegetable Stir Fry and Wine
Thank you Forries for such an amazing vibe, you will be seeing more of me this whole year!

Remember to visit Forries if you are in Cape Town. On weekends, they offer much more social vibe with their well-known Sunday Carvey where they serve succulent joints of meat and fresh seasonal vegetables , all cooked to perfection. They also have a playful area for kids and so there is definitely a space for everyone at Forries, even the smokers have their own section !

Cosy places to eat in Cape Town
Forries Outdoors

Until next time

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