Fashion Inspiration
Fashion Inspiration

I mentioned in my introductory post to my Fashion Diaries that I love browsing through Pinterest and seeing what other people wore and try to get the look if I can online or in retail shops and if I can’t match it, I try to make it myself. The other platform that I use for my outfit inspiration is instagram! Who doesn’t like the gram? If you are not on it, you are definitely missing out on life.

Fashion inspiration
” You will meet me at the river”

Earlier this year I attended a wedding in the Eastern Cape and I blogged a bit about the place where I stayed ( The Birdhouse in Gonubie). I had a dress made by mom’s dress maker for the wedding and this dress was inspired by Nomzamo Mbatha‘s first dress that she wore at the Veuve Cliqcout  Masters Polo on the 4th of March this year.  She was dressed by the local fashion designer Rina Chunga, the founder of Rich Factory.  Nomzamo dazzles in her Proudly African signature style and all her outfits at the event were a dream, but this dress took the cup for me and I just got so inspired to create something almost similar.

This is the dress which Nomzamo wore at the Veuve Clicqout Polo Masters :

Rich Factory Nomzamo Mbatha
Nomzamo Mbatha dressed by Rich Factory

Everything about this dress was gorgeous! The colours, the length and the way it fit her body made her look like a star straight out of a 70’s movie.

I then  bought Ankara fabric from a friend of a friend of mine who visited Ghana during December. I used this fabric to create a dress that had the same vibe as Nomzamo’s, but of course with a touch of my ‘Sotho Girl Freak Flag’.

Ankara fabric
Wedding Outfit
African Fashion
Nomzamo Mbatha Inspired Ankara Dress
Wedding outfits
Ankara Dress originally African

The result? Everybody loved the dressed  at the wedding, I’m talking about white people, black people, men and women. It was such a hit. I’m sure I could have won the best dressed competition if there were prizes up for grabs, judging by the way the guests complimented my dress.

Fashion Inspiration
Black Barbie

I loved how the dress was not too heavy, or too long or too short, it was just the perfect fit for me and this is one of the perks of getting custom made dresses. I also loved the volume in the dress which allowed me to struck different poses as I went along. It also came with side pockets which made it easier for me to have my phone with me wherever I went.

Nomzamo Mbatha Inspired dress

I loved the yellow colour with a pop of purple flowers on this pattern. I did also mention that my mother has been my biggest inspiration when it comes to dressing up , especially when it comes to making custom made dresses using African prints. So I decided to take after my mother and show her how much I also adore African prints.

Fashion Diaries
A Dress with Side Pockets

Like Jidenna says, “I don’t want my best dressed in a casket”. So as long as I’m alive, I will dress up for my life, every single day.

Fashion Inspiration
Day dreaming about my next fashion inspiration post

Thank you Nomzamo for inspiring my passion for fashion, keep shining!


Until next time

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