After 102 amazing responses from the ShweShweKini survey we have a winner. We chose the winner based on the most number of referrals we received from the particular respondent. Keep reading to find out who actually won.

I would like to share a bit of the results, particularly what you thought ShweShweKini means to you and your aspirations for the brand:

The majority of people who took part in the survey said that they where certainly into African or ethnic prints, and hence the positive response to ShweShweKini:

ShweShweKini Survery
  • 54%  of people said ShweShweKini is an exciting proudly South African Active Wear Line,
  • 30.4 % of people thought the line was extremely innovative , while 41.2% of people said it was very innovative.

Of interest was that the majority of people prefer exposing their legs in swimwear than any part of the body. These results could very well differ between male and female respondents:

Favourite part of the body

People also had a chance to comment on what they would like to see added to the brand. Apart from many people who were excited  about the gym wear line, there were many more items that people thought would go well with the swimwear such as shawls, kimonos, bags, beach towels more colours and patterns, the men’s range, plus size monokinis, clothes, sarongs  and the list was endless. I definitely learnt a lot from this survey and I was so pleased to see the people thinking more out of the box! Great team work!

What people thought about ShweShwekini :

Graphic image by Twitter follower : @lebstarR_11

“It’s got an edge and it’s a very innovative concept that brings in a morden twist and a hint of glamour to the cultural look.”

“I love that it is such a different take on swimwear and active wear. As South Africans, we tend to only focus on everyday clothing when it comes to expressing our deep rooted traditions and fabrics. But with ShweShweKini designs, you did not only express a purely South African origin in an area of clothing that we tend to not do so (Swimwear and Acitve wear) but you also added your own beautiful take to the design in the form of attractive colors and headbands without losing the origin of the designs in the process, and that is what I love about it. It gives us an opportunity to be Proudly South African at the beach and even in the gym.”

  • It’s vibrant, stylish and flattering. But mostly it’s proudly South African
  • It complements South African body types and is bold and fun. I won’t look like anyone else, it’s unique
  • The originality. The prints and bold colours
  • It’s creative and appropriate for the times. In the context of current times where Africans are embracing absolutely everything about being African I think the concept is visionary!

I really enjoyed reading all of your responses and no doubt this will inspire the official summer 2017/2018 collection, I cannot wait to see each one of you in ShweShwekini, whether it is at gym or at the beach or pool side come December time!

So ladies and gentlemen, I couldn’t have defined ShweShweKini any better, you have touched and gave it words I struggled to mumble myself. It is excatly just that, a Swimwear and Active wear line that aims to embrace all types of bodies, while bringing a modern twist of glamour and culture to an untapped apparel area. Thank you.

And the winner with a total of 19 referrals to the survey is :

THANDOKAZI MPAHLA !!! Well done Thandokazi, you walk away with a BRAND NEW ShweShweKini of your choice. We will send you an email notification.

Thank you to everyone who took part and have appreciated and welcomed the ShweShweKini brand with so much love, interest and enthusiasm. You are the best!

With Love,


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