Best Rooftops in Cape Town

If you are looking  for a taste of fine living, then Cape Town  will not disappoint. From fine-dining restaurants to swanky wine and golf estates and fashion-conscious shopping centres, this city has plenty to offer those who want to live it up a little.

Rooftop bar
The Best Restaurants are in Cape Town

While I remain in the Mother City, I continue my quest to find the best rooftops to hit when the sun goes down in Cape Town. I love the good life and having drinks and good food by a nice rooftop bar, especially if it’s Instagram worthy.

So I’ve  been doing my research and trying out the best places for you to chill in town  with the best views. If this is your next holiday destination, then you definitely will want to check out this post.

I’ve visited four different rooftops this year alone and here is my top list in no particular order:

Belvedere Secrete Garden (pop up bar)

Rooftop bar
Belverdere Secret Garden

Situated on 1 Church street, Cape Town, I discovered this beauty early January this year and it is only open during the peak of summer ( end of November to end of January).  It celebrates the holiday season and offers relaxing lounges where guests can relax and enjoy refreshing drinks with a blend of sunshine, the city and the mountain views.

When you reach this rooftop, you are welcomed by jolly music that makes you want to dance your heart out and the good vibes of people having a good time. I definitely uncovered a magical urban oasis in the heart of Cape Town here. Fun was the rhythm here.

Keep checking their online page for more details if this will be buzzing this summer again. Given the buzz it created last year, I think we can definitely expect a comeback from this secrete garden.

The Vue Sky Bar

Best Rooftops in Cape Town
The Vue

Situated on Floor 15 on 14  Chiappini Street is this eclectic and elegant rooftop called The Vue. It can easily be mistaken or pronounced as “The View” for the magical and eclectic views it offers. I have  been here twice this year, the second time was when I had  my buffet birthday breakfast there, which was nothing short of amazing.

You fall in love with their white theme set-up and marble tiles as you step out of the lifts into the restaurant. Outside they have a pool that lights up at night and to my amazement, I can’t tell if this place is more beautiful at night or during the day, it simply maintains its beauty throughout.

The Vue Sky Bar

Being on the 15th floor, you get a 360-degree view of Signal Hill and Table Mountain and the harbour. It is the perfect venue for almost any event (corporate, romantic dinner, family outing or an easy chill out with friends).  They have exhilarating cocktails that are fun to look at, but tasty as well. The food menu is so extensive and it varies in prices to fit any budget and the food is just  mouth watering.

Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore

Best Rooftops
Park Inn

Situated in Cape Town central business district (CBD) . This is the ideal rooftop for both business and pleasure. A place where CEOs close deals during lunch or enjoy a chilled Friday evening networking at the rooftop bar.

The hotel from the rooftop has a wide view of Table Mountain and over looks all the tallest buildings in town. I was there for their buffet breakfast and it was such a pleasant quiet vibe. I still need to visit on a Friday evening to experience it at night.

Radisson Blue Hotel and residence

Best Rooftops in Cape Town
Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence

The new Radission Blu Hotel and Residence situated on 22 Riebeek Street , Cape Town offers an iconic, stylish and sophicated feel to the central CBD. Step right in and you already feel like you are in a  five star hotel in Dubai. The fresh opulent aroma gladly makes you feel like a million bucks.

I came here for a meeting and ended up having their buffet breakfast which was amazing and fresh like the hotel itself.

I ended up going to their pool area where the bar and the roof top was located, and the view of the pool and relaxed vibe was enough to make me stay. While I didn’t spend much time outside I just took pictures and notified the hostess that I would definitely return! I think I have found my next dwelling place in Cape Town.



Until next time, keep calm, travel more and stay motivated.

Take Care

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