The Four Insights Discovery Colour Energies

At any point in time we naturally give off one of these energies in different situations. Insights Discoveries splits these energies into the four primary colours namely: Cool BlueFiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green.

In the environments where you work with clients and people in their different personalities, understanding yourself and other people’s energies is paramount. Taking this assessment, helped me appreciate and accept myself a bit more and I want to share this with you.

Hint: This is also a very useful tool if you are trying to understand your romantic partner or family members’ dominant energy and how to handle or approach them better, so keep reading.

To start off with I ran a poll on Twitter where I asked people which colour personalities suited them best:

Insights Discoveries
theTwitter Poll
Insights assessments usually  takes 25 minutes to complete and consists of a series of multiple choice questions – with no right or wrong answers. You receive a formal report at the end of the workshop based on the results of the online assessment. The assessment is evaluated and interpreted by trained professionals and the report  provides you with detailed information on your energy, the good, the bad and the ugly. This helps you to understand your energy and to be able to better manage yourself in personal or formal relationships. Before you continue, be careful not to “box” people into one category, that is not the whole point. This is meant to help you understand what energy a person gives off and how you can relate better to that energy. I will give some examples.
Insights Colour Energies
Insights Colour Energies : Image Supplied

Let us unpack the colours in more detail.

 Cool Blue

Insights Discovery
Cool Blue
Colour Energy Motivation: Orderliness and following processes. Efficiency and expertise. Uses reason and respect consistently. When dealing with a person with this energy: Do’s
  • Be well prepared
  • Put things neatly in writing
  • Provide as much detail as possible
  • Give them time to think
  • Be over emotional
  • Be casual with important issues
  • Keep changing things without good reason
  • Preoccupy yourself with your own thoughts
Tip: How to spot a Blue energy? Look at the way a person’s desk is managed, the tone in their email , their WhatsApp conversation. Are they firm, very formal and hardly ever jokes unless it is necessary? Often his table is very neatly packed with no stickers floating around. Very monotone and not spontaneous at all. Their text may not contain emojis.

Fiery Red

Insights Discovery
Fiery Red
Colour Energy Motivation: By solutions, rapid progress and improved outcomes. Responsibility and results driven, goals and go-getting attitude. When dealing with a person with this energy: Do’s
  • Be direct to the point
  • Focus on results and objectives
  • Be confident and assertive
  • Try to match their pace
  • Hesitate or waste time
  • Focus on feelings
  • Try to take over
Tip: Very self-explanatory.  This energy is very firm and direct. You need to stick to the point. Red energies do not like repeating themselves, so be sure to pay attention and listen to them carefully because they will not hesitate to tell you that you missed a point. Have confidence. If you have a boss or colleague who you think expresses more of this energy, do not go into their space doubting yourself. Be firm and have valid questions for them.

Sunshine Yellow

Insights Discovery
Sunshine Yellow
Finally a colour that I breathe in and out. Thinking about this energy makes me smile because this happens to be my dominant colour (haha)! Colour Energy Motivation: Yellow energies are more about recognition and we are driven by shared vision, interests and social affinity. This energy loves freedom and flexibility (spot on!). Collaboration (yes) and cooperation. They are also the very creative one – or the creativists as I call them (me). When dealing with a person with this energy: Do’s
  • Be friendly
  • Be entertaining and stimulating
  • Be open and flexible (seriously!)
  • Be interested in them and be upbeat and enthusiastic
  • Be attentive and complimentary (because we are all about recognition)
  • Bore me with details
  • Tie me down with routine (I need adventure, thanks!)
  • Ask me to work alone (it’s a struggle)
  • Exclude them
Tip: On how to spot a yellow energy from far,  you can easily spot the one that brings sunshine to a party. Or the boss with the loud chuckle who loves to joke and often has a very casual handshake. When budging into a meeting, you will notice or hear them because they will announce themselves. Their emails or texts always contains a bit more emojis and extra punctuation than necessary (they are generally very extra). Always the life of a party. These are the people who always have a lot to tell about their weekends on Monday mornings. Their desks usually contain colourful sticky notes and pictures of their family, friends and animals if any.

Earth Green

Insights Discovery
Earth Green
I call this energy the Mother Therasa, for it’s warmth and kindness Colour Energy Motivation: This energy is driven by goodwill and genuineness. Reflection and regularity are also key. Earth green energy is motivated by organisational and personal synergy and a sense of fairness. When dealing with a person with this energy: Do’s
  • Be patient and supportive
  • Slow down and work at my pace
  • Ask my opinion and give time to answer
  • Take advantage of their good nature
  • Push them to make quick decisions
  • Spring last minute surprises
Tip: Be supportive and considerate , slow down and be patient with someone with this energy.  

Sometimes you find that you are actually not the colour you came in thinking you were. It’s okay, these are energies and the nice thing is that we can fluctuate between them.

 I am a natural born Aries, which is one of the strongest Zodiac signs known for  being full of energy and vitality, with an intense and adventurous personality. People born under the sign of Aries don’t fear anything, they’re always willing to begin new challenges and have a leader attitude, which also gives them great self-security.

So it is no mistake that I am a Sunshine ☀️ Yellow type of girl😃!

Which colour dominates your daily life? I’d like to hear about yours. Until next time, be your true colour! Xoxo travelblog sothogirldiaries  

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