September is #TourismMonth and in South Africa the whole month is dedicated towards promoting tourism and travel by telling stories of some of the beautiful wonders of our land.

If adventure, the ocean and a bit of mystery fills your travel taste buds then a #ShotLeft to Gonubie in the Eastern Cape province in South Africa is a good idea.

About Gonubie

Gonubie Eastern Cape

Gonubie is a town in Buffalo City in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Gonubie Beach is one of the country’s best secrets of the Sunshine Coast. To access the beach, you have to take a walk along a raised boardwalk leading down to a beautiful tidal pool. Gonubie Lagoon is popular with families, which provides children with many hours of fascinating exploration as they discover the small fish, shells and other marine creatures. The coastal village of Gonubie is situated only 8 km from East London and is considered to be a suburb of the city. It has a very chilled vibe and awesome scenery of Gonubie belies. Gonubie is definitely a small piece of paradise and lying on the estuary of the Gonubie River and enjoying a wonderful climate on the Eastern Cape Coast, is something you should try.

I had the opportunity of seeing this peaceful holiday town in April 2017 when I attended a friend’s wedding which took place at the Gonubie Manor. Being there for just one day meant that I had limited time to explore and as I was near to the beach it felt right to explore and see what the water is like in the Eastern Cape.


Getting there

Mango Airlines
Mango Airlines

How you travel to Gonubie relies on where you are located. If you are coming from Johannesburg area, Limpopo, Mpumalanga or Durban, then it is best to take a flight to save time. If you do not mind long distance driving, then a bus or even driving your own car is also fine. If you take public transport instead you can always hire a car as the area is not accessible to Uber or Taxify yet. Sometimes your holiday accommodation may provide you with transport , but this can be a bit costly especially if you want to have your own fun.

If you are coming from Cape Town, you can also take a flight there or even drive which is the best option. Driving along the Garden Route promises a beautiful scenery along the  the green-lands and the magical blue coastal waters  of the tip of the southern hemisphere. I was tempted to drive down for an opportunity to go along the Garden Route too, but time was not on my side. I do hope to take a shot left along the Garden Route soon.



I used  to book my accommodation. This is a safe reliable site that allows you to reserve your accommodation and sometimes you do not have to pay upfront, you can pay when you arrive – which is so convenient.

I stayed at the Birdhouse, B&B with a bohemic touch to it. The service was amazing, their rates are affordable and house keeping is always around to make sure the place is well-kept.



Tourism South Africa
The Boardwalk

The first day I arrived, I had no plans of exploring as the day was dedicated to my friend’s wedding. Before I caught my flight  the next day, I took a boardwalk along the tidal pool to an enchanted magical secrete beach. It was the most beautiful discovery ever among my travel adventures this year.

At the start of my walk , there was a small market that sold hand crafted beads, souvenirs, and mud toys. Please do support these small business venture on your travels by getting someone back home a gift, it goes a long way to the vendors who sell there.

The boardwalk is about 1km long. You will not feel the long walk because the ocean will be such a distraction. As you walk along the boardwalk, on your right hand side is a view of the gorgeous tidal pool. If you have time, I dare you to have time,  stop and chill on the benches, feel the cool sea breeze and enjoy.

Tourism South Africa
The Boardwalk along Gonubie Beach
Tourism South Africa
A Tidal Pool in Gonubie

At one point I felt like I was some where in Bora Bora, beacuse this board walk reminded me of pictures I have seen of this island. I still think walking there with a bae would have been much more fun!  But, single girl problems.

Tourism Shot Left
Sotho Girl Diaries stepping into the Gonubie Tidal Pool
By the end of the walk , you can sea the estuary of the Gonubie river as it makes it’s way into the stream. No wonder the area is hidden among the forests this allows the river to peacefully make its way into the ocean. I soaked up in the sun while lying in the estuary of the Gonubie River. There was no way I was leaving without getting into the water. I did not have my shweshwekini at the time or any swimsuit and so I had to be very creative with my swimwear.
Gonubie Beach South Africa
Being creative with my swimwear
This has got to be my most enchanting discovery in my travels in South Africa, I enjoyed it so much and almost lost track of time, but luckily I was able to make it on time for my flight back to Cape Town! I hope you get to discover this magical town on your next visit to the Eastern Cape. If you need more tips fill in the contact form and I will be able to assist you or refer you on for more help.

Until next time, keep going!


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