Guest Post: Moving Abroad? Here’s A Checklist To Consider

Moving Abroad? Here’s A Checklist To Consider

Airline Baggage: It Can Be Stressful

It’s very important to have a plan in mind for your baggage transit, especially if you’re taking some trip across the world to a place like Australia. When you’re moving abroad, losing your baggage can be downright stressful. It’s also fairly common. It’s not like baggage handlers in airports are exceptionally qualified individuals.

If you’ve ever flown, you’ve likely lost luggage—and what a stressful situation that is. What you want to do in order to avoid losing your luggage is to bring as little as possible. Ideally, you’ll want to bring just a carry-on with you and a personal bag. That’s a backpack that fits under your seat, and a suitcase in the overhead storage compartment.


Sometimes you won’t have to pay anything for so few bags, sometimes you will—it’s going to depend on the airline. The cheaper your ticket, the more likely you’ll end up paying more in baggage—though that’s not always the case. It will differ per airline, so do your research beforehand if at all possible.

If you’re looking for airline baggage information, offers some prime travel tips; according to the site: “We’ve researched…[many]…airlines…to find key details about their weight allowances, size restrictions, hand luggage rules, how many bags you can bring, and of course, how much it will cost.”

Shipping Goods After The Fact

Another solution you can employ when traveling overseas—especially if you’re going to follow through on a complete move—is to have your goods shipped after you’ve established your overseas living situation. Put what you own in storage back home, travel abroad with a backpack full of your tech necessities, toiletries, and a week’s worth of clothes, and send for your things when the “smoke has cleared”, as the saying goes.

While airlines will often return lost bags eventually, if you’ve got valuables in them, you are increasing the risk of threat or damage. Total loss is also possible—your bags could get mistakenly sent to another country, where they sit unclaimed and unreadable by local staff until someone gets tired of looking at them, opens them, and dispenses your things.

Traveling abroad is better done simply—especially if there is some permanence to the travel. If you’re on a close schedule for a two-week tour of Europe, things are going to get complex and you won’t have that luxury. If you’re moving, there’s no reason to try and see everything you can right away—you’ll have time eventually.

When you travel, you want to avoid known times when more people will be coming and going in a given airport. The more people there are traveling, the more likely it is for you to experience baggage displacement.

Holidays And Checklists

If you can avoid traveling during the holidays, that’s a great idea; but not everyone has that luxury. Here are some holiday travel tips to help you have the most painless journey if you have no choice but to travel when a big holiday is close at hand.

With all these things in mind, now it’s time to make your checklist. How many bags do you have—can you drop it down to two? Where are you traveling to, are you traveling during the holidays, and is it possible to send your bags on after you? Conversely, you could send them on ahead; but this can be more dangerous.

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—you don’t want to rush. Take your time, plan things out. Remember: less is more. If you don’t bring everything and the kitchen sink with you, you won’t have to manage those things. Generally it’s better to ease into a move abroad, than to jump in all at once.


Health Check

Last but not the least – health. You are moving to another country, culture, traditions and system. Do all health checks needed in advance, to avoid some astronomically high costs that can pop up if your tooth start hurting because of that small issue that you “forget”. One of the option is to have some of the health insurance that reduce healthcare costs internationally. Don’t be lazy to check the opportunities, and stay healthy by walking and doing exercise whenever possible!

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