I can’t believe it’s the end of July already and we are five months away from 2019! I do hope you are getting close to ticking all your new year resolutions off your list; if not then I suggest a mid-year review to see what you have achieved and where to improve if necessary.

I have spent the last few months adapting to changes such as  a new job and moving into my first apartment. It really hasn’t been easy, however, I’m still going and I hope you are too.

 July has been a very busy month for me and I have been so blessed with great opportunities, such as being featured in Elle Decoration South Africa for ‘My Stylish Life’ and appearing on Presenter Search on 3 and  TOP BILLING! Just imagine!

Truly one busy month for me and August also promises to be just as amazing !

Below are highlights from what has been some of my greatest features of all time for the month of  July. I am truly proud to see my dreams coming true one by one and here’s  to many more, cheers 🥂.  









Until next time

Keep  going

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