My Heritage

Every year on  24 September in South Africa, the country celebrates Heritage Day which is a national public holiday.

On this day, South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their cultures, beliefs and traditions as a reminder that we are one nation which prides itself in diversity and that South Africa belongs to all its people.


My Heritage


I dedicate my heritage day to the Basotho Nation – where I am originally from. I am proud to be part of a culture that embraces hard work, Ubuntu, respect, humility and peace.

To the Basotho People, our tradition and symbolic attire is resembled by our blankets – Lianamarena (pronouned Dianamarena)  and the Shoeshoe (shweshwe) dresses which Basotho Women wear. More so, our people are known for their humility, respect, handwork and perseverance and their love for people of all nations.

When I think of my brand Shweshwekini, I think of the Basotho women who, for generations have made the shweshwe fabric fashionable. I think of my mother who dazzles in her different Lishoeshoe (dishweshwe) dresses every chance she gets, my Aunts who flaunt their graceful thunder hips in carefully custom designed seshoeshoe dresses and my Ngono (Granmother) who always reserves her seshoeshoe for a special occasion. I think of my uncles, my father and the Basotho men who grace the fields herding the cattle, sheep and goats along the mountainous Maluti Mountains.

More than anything, I think of a brand that is there for its people and a prosperous new beginning in the changing times of the creative arts. More so, I think of liberating my people, being a beacon of hope and hoping that I can co-create dreams and empower my nation. More than anything, I look forward to teaching my children (God-wiling) about my heritage.

Mordern day sotho girl wear seshweshwe as a bikini and the basotho blanket as a cape coat Bikini : By Shweshwekini Cape Coat: Thabo Makhetha; Photo by: Marx Written Makhado (@written_digital_photography)

I am Mapitso Thaisi, I am a proud Mosotho and through Shweshwekini, I am able to celebrate my culture through my designs. What is your Heritage and how do you identilfy with it ? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.

In Lesotho’s coat of arms, I wish you Kgotso (peace), Pula (rain), Nala (prosperity) in everything you do.

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