Hello SGD Readers,

A happy 2019 to all of you and I hope this is a year filled with adventure and that you may take the courage to follow your hearts in everything that you do.


My festive season was pretty chilled, for a change I left Cape Town and spent the last week of 2018 at home and I’ve never been happier. I also managed to finish reading a book, The Alchemist and I am so glad I read the book. For a while I had been troubled by a decision I had to make- to move cities. I’ve been in Cape Town for the past 8 years and honestly I felt like I was at a point where I needed a change. Thanks to to the book, now I know that making the decision to move is the best for my career at present. Can you guess where I’m moving?

[ Hint ]: It’s still within South Africa.

As I left my 2019 Dairy in Cape Town – I might as well jot down a few things that I’m excited about for the year. I’m not going the old school:  “write down your goals vibe”, but rather, I will only jot down what my wishes are and allow my heart to guide me.

In no particular order:

  • I plan to travel a LOT this year and to go on more girl trips and solo trips
  • Partnering with more brands
  • Taking it easy
  • Following my heart
  • Finishing what I have started
  • Strengthening my relationship with God
  • Gym more often! With the motto: BEAUTIFUL BODIES- HARD WORK
  • With all that said, I also want to spend more time on my blog because I love it here.

That’s all I have and if this all goes well, then I might just stick to this list for the next few years!

Happy 2019 peeps! I hope that it truly makes you happy!


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