ShotLeft With Cassper

Ever wondered what it would be like to meet your favourite celebrity in the country and have the opportunity to travel with them? By travel, I mean share a table, share an experience with them while marveling at the beauty of your country. That was me earlier this month. I took a ShotLeft with South African Tourism around the Gauteng province and the Free State province.

About #ShotLeftWithCassper

Who is Cassper?

  • Refiloe Maele Pholo goes by his stage name Cassper Nyovest and hails from the mighty North West Province – Mafikeng. Professionally he is a rapper, song writer, entrepreneur and record producer. He has his own recording label – Family Tree Media. One of his most successful projects among others is his #FillUpTheDome Concert which he launched in 2015. The success of the event pursued Nyovest with the affix “Fill Up” to instigate more concerts in different stadiums annually, including Orlando Stadium (2016) and FNB Stadium (2017), also both in Johannesburg, Moses Mabhida Stadium (2018) in Durban, and Royal Bafokeng Stadium (2019) in North West.

#ShotLeft has partnered with this young musician to motivate more South Africans to travel and explore more of the country.


South Africa is home to nine distinctive provinces in total and each has its own characteristics and a variety of activities entrenched within the rich history of that particular place in South Africa. Furthermore, these provinces are also home to at least three languages out of the total official eleven languages spoken in South Africa.  I have had the opportunity of living in three of these provinces (Free State, Western Cape and Gauteng) and it is impossible to not feel at home in any of them when I travel. No one province is like the other and this is essentially what makes South Africa so diverse and beautiful. South African Tourism #ShotLeft is on a mission to create a culture of locals travelling and give more people the opportunity to expereince the beauty of this country first hand. 

DAY 1: Destination Vaal

We arrived at the River Lodge & Spa were we spent the night. This 4 star lodge is just a 57 minute drive from Johannesburg when taking the N1. The lodge is situated along the banks of the Vaal River and the atmosphere is fresh with little noise to disturb your peace.

I personally loved the colours of cream bricks which gave it such a natural stone feel. The rooms are spacious and the decor matches the overall look and feel of the whole lodge. I would see myself going back there very soon. If you are also looking for a corporate event venue, then this is a place to consider.

The thought of waking up to such views is enough to take me back to this lodge, I wish we stayed a bit longer.


  1. Go for a spa treatment at the River Lodge, the staff are amazing and they give the best massage. We actually had a massage the day we arrived, but you choose to have it during any time in the day and you may need to make a booking.
  2. Visit the Vaal river and see the beauty of the views from this river and how beautiful it really is. From the lodge the walk to the river bank is about 2-3 minutes, I took advantage of that and went down to take a few photos there.


On Day we actually got to meet the man himself, Cassper Nyovest. My heart palpitations on on fire because he is someone I have always admired and to meet him and spend time with such a blessing. Him and his crew are really the most sweetest and down to earth celebrity group who are also so much fun to hang with.

  1. Abseiling If anyone had told me how difficult this activity was, I honestly wouldn’t have told all the boys that I’d climb up to the top (LOL). I honestly struggled and not sure I’d ever try it. But if you are brave enough and love climbing, then go for it!
  2. Vaal River Lunch Cruise with Liquid Lounge Vaal

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The sun ☀️loves my melanin skin👩🏽‍🦲😊• 📍@liquidloungevaal _ Before my #ShotLeftWithCassper trip I had always been a bit confused on whether the Vaal area was in the Free State or not. I legit always thought this area was part of the Free State. This is because all the boundaries of the Gauteng Province are cadastral, except for the border with the Free State which runs along the Vaal River. _ So it turns out my confusion was not at all off😂. South African geography is is really interesting (pay attention in Geography kids lol 😂). I can’t believe I had to travel to this place to fix that confusion 😅 _ Have you been to the Vaal area? I’d love to hear what your experience was.

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        Going on a boat cruise was definitely the highlight of my trip. I had never seen the              Vaal River so close and personal before. The adventure was both peaceful and the              views were incredible.


We then left the Vaal area in Gauteng province and went to Parys in the Free State. Before this trip, I was always of the opinion that the Vaal was somewhat in the Free State. This is because all the boundaries of the Gauteng province are cadastral except for the border with Free State which runs along the Vaal River.

Staying in Parys reminded me of the old South African Lottery advert where one women said she would live in Parys if she won the lottery and another women replied: “Parys?! What kind of millionaire are you gonna make?” (LOL). However, as small and quiet as it is, with the Vaal River right next to this small town in the Free State, I see why someone would retire here.

Parys is actually the Afrikaans version of “Paris” – so it’s not to say it is as luxurious, but it definitely is a lovely place to visit.


  1. River Rafting


  • We went river rafting for 5 hours. I had never done this activity before and I felt slightly anxious about doing it. Safe to say that I now have experience in river rafting. Just be careful because the Vaal River is a bit deep, so wear a life jacket and keep track of your mates by having a roll call whenever at least every 5km or have two instructors, one behind and one in front to keep track of everyone.

Frame 1: What I imagined 5 hours of river rafting would look like, vs how it actually went down (frame 2).

2. Quad Biking

306A3274-3BE2-4032-9A56-684F956AA666We also went quad biking too, and this is one of those activities that you don’t want to miss out on when you are in Parys or  your next #ShotLeft adventure travel!

It was really awesome spending time with South African Tourism and Cassper Nyovest while exploring the magic of South Africa!


Thank you #ShotLeftWithCassper it was so much fun!

Until next time, happy leap year (29th February) hope it’s a magical one and remember to take a #ShotLeft somewhere in South Africa and see more of this magical country.


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