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Best Fries in Cape Town

Best Fries in Cape Town

Down South

I’d like to confess that I am a huge fan of French fries, I just haven’t admitted it yet. I noticed that every time I’m out for a meal, I tend to opt for fries as a side dish if my main option doesn’t include it. Which is why I decided to go on a little adventure around the Mother City to explore the best fries in town. Simply because I tend to judge restaurants  by how well they make their fries– I mean who gets a  small fry wrong?

No matter how healthy of  a nut I try to be, but put me in a nice restaurant or one which I’ve never tried before with the added confusion of choosing a meal , I’ll always go for fries first. It’s the safest and most cost effective option on the  wallet, not so much on the hips though. So be sure to  put in some work come gym time. I have to caution people with  health related concerns, to remember to always eat  in moderation and follow the advice of your medical practitioners when approaching fries because they  are often high is saturated fats, calories and salt.